How to Play Croquet

What better way to celebrate your big day, than a civilised game of croquet? It's jolly good!

Team up, choose two balls and start at the flag

Get both of your team's balls through all of the hoops in number order and hit the peg to win

It's easy when you get into the swing of it! And our game card will explain the full rules in more detail

So, if you've got the space, croquet and canapés are the perfect choice for your big day



The details... 

We have 4 standard size croquets mallets, which are 90cm long

The white picket border can be adjusted in size - 24 fence pieces are 1.3m long and 28cm high each

We recommend an approximate space of 6.5m x 9m to allow your guests to play this game 

We can supply croquet with or without the picket border to suit your venue

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