Get Knotted

Get Knotted Rules

Get in a twist with this party favourite. Kick off your shoes and play with up to three other friends to see who'll be the last one standing!

You'll need someone who isn't playing to spin the wheel. All other players move at the same time when the wheel stops

Move your left or right hand or foot to the coloured dot that matches the wheel

You'll need to be quick, only one person can be on each dot at a time. And you’re out if your knee or elbow touches the mat

Show off your hidden contortionist talent and stay 'standing' to be crowned champion



The details... 

The Get Knotted playing mat is 1.8m x 2.8m

The spinning wheel stands at 1.6m high 

We recommend a total playing area of 5m x 5m to allow room for friends to play, and stand around the mat at the start of the game

Get Knotted is hand-sewn and we ask your guests to kick their shoes off to play

We can peg this game or use sandbag weights if you prefer

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