Hopscotch rules

A true classic, Hopscotch is a surprisingly tricky game of poise and balance

Start by throwing a beanbag into square 1 then hop to square 10 and back. You must skip the square with the beanbag in it, and collect the beanbag on your way back

Lose a turn if the bag bounces out of the square or you touch a line or stumble

Repeat throwing the beanbag to square 2 and hopping, then to square 3 and so on

Start each turn where you last left off and let’s see who’s got the best balance!


The details... 

Hand-sewn with liberty print fabric squares on a hessian playing mat, our Hopscotch is 1.6m x 3.7m 

We ask your guests to kick their shoes off before they get hopping

We can peg this game in position or use sandbag weights if you prefer

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